SHOT: in Moscow, a passerby killed a man because of the loud barking of his dog

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In Zvenigorod, a man was killed because of his barking dog. Police are looking for a suspect who is fleeing in his Peugeot car.

“A passerby killed a man because of his barking dog in Zvenigorod near Moscow,” reports the Shot telegram channel. They added that the attacker, who is hiding in his personal Peugeot car, is wanted. The incident occurred early in the morning when 44-year-old Mikhail Seybanov was walking in the yard.

While walking, he was barked by a dog owned by the injured man. As a result, a conflict arose between residents. The swearing escalated into a brawl, as a result of which Seybanov took out a knife and attacked his victim, stabbing him several times in the chest and arms. The victim was taken to intensive care, but, unfortunately, died an hour later, as reported on the telegram channel.

Telegram channel “112” reported that the aggressive passerby was detained. He admitted during interrogation that his sudden aggression was caused by a quarrel with his family.


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