Shoigu signed an order on the conclusion of contracts with the Ministry of Defense by volunteers

Volunteer detachments in the special operation zone will sign contracts with the RF Ministry of Defense before July 1, which will formalize their legal status. Nikolai Pankov, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, spoke about this, referring to the order of the head of the department, Sergei Shoigu.

“In order to increase the effectiveness of the use of volunteer formations as part of the Joint Group of Forces, the Minister of Defense signed an order that determined the procedure for organizing the service activities of volunteer organizations,” Pankov explained.

At the same time, the volunteers themselves will be able to conclude individual contracts with the detachments in which they are, or directly with the defense department. The innovation will help extend social support measures to these fighters and their families, the deputy minister continued. According to him, this will increase the combat capabilities and effectiveness of the RF Armed Forces and volunteer detachments in their ranks.


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