Ships of the Russian Navy for the first time in 30 years went to sea with nuclear weapons


Norwegian intelligence: Russian ships for the first time in 30 years went to sea with nuclear weapons on board

The Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) in its annual report noted that the ships of the Russian Northern Fleet for the first time in 30 years began to go to sea with tactical nuclear weapons on board.

Training ship

Training ship “Perekop”

Russian Navy

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It is noted that the central part of the nuclear potential is installed on the submarines of the Northern Fleet and surface ships.

“Nuclear weapons are a particularly serious threat in the options for operations in which NATO countries may participate”the report says.

According to Norwegian intelligence, after the start of the special operation in Ukraine “the importance of nuclear weapons for Russia has increased significantly”.

As reported IA REGNUMRussia should not be embarrassed to use nuclear weapons, this is the property of the whole people, the State Duma deputy believes Andrey Gurulev (“United Russia”).


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