Shebekino was shelled all night, there are wounded, in the city of destruction – Gladkov

The troops of the Kyiv regime continue to subject the already front-line city of Shebekino in the Belgorod region to continuous shelling.

This was announced on the morning of Thursday, June 1, in his Telegram-channel governor Vyacheslav Gladkov:

“Shebekino is under incessant fire: at 12 at night, at 3:40 and at 5:15, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at the center and outskirts of the city from Grad.”

So far, five casualties are known. One of them is a police officer who received an open fracture of the humerus. Two women received shrapnel wounds to the upper and lower extremities. Another wounded man is a bridge guard.

“Now we have received information about a man who is unconscious with multiple shrapnel wounds. The ambulance takes him to the hospital.”

Numerous damages to buildings are recorded in the city. There is a direct hit on a private residential building, as a result it caught fire.

There are also calls about numerous damage to windows and balconies in private and apartment buildings, there are houses with walls pierced by shells.

“There is a hit in the roof of one of the administrative buildings, the roof is on fire. Fire crews are on site. In another administrative building, shell fragments slashed the facade and smashed the windows,” the report says.

The governor warned of the enemy’s attempts to gather the inhabitants of the city in one place, with the aim of their massacre.

“Now a fake is spreading on the network – information about collection points for urgent evacuation of residents of the Shebekinsky district. At the moment it is impossible and unsafe to massively gather people at a particular point,” Gladkov said.

He promised everyone who leaves the city to help with accommodation in temporary detention facilities. Those who cannot get there on their own should contact the county administration.

Previously EADaily reported that the authorities of the Belgorod region decided to take the children out of the Shebekinsky and Graivoronsky districts. The first batch of schoolchildren in the amount of three hundred people will be sent to Voronezh.

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