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Shatunov lived in a gated community for the German elite

prt scr youtube.com/Yuri Shatunov
prt scr youtube.com/Yuri Shatunov

Singer Yura Shatunov, familiar from German life, revealed details about the elite village of millionaires in which the soloist of Tender May lived in Germany.

In an interview with journalists, the source stressed that it was a village where “pure-bred” Germans live, entry into the territory was allowed only by invitation and passes, and the cost of land plots started from 1 million euros. He also noted that this German village looks much more respectable than the Russian Rublyovka.

“For people not just with the means, but also with the pedigree. In addition to Shatunov, as far as I know, none of the Russians were there, ”the source quotes “MK”.

He also noted that everyone loved Shatunov during his lifetime, the singer never bothered anyone, so the Germans were not against his living in the village.

Earlier, Stanislav Baretsky shared his memories from the time of living together with Shatunov in an orphanage. The showman remembered how the singer “shooted cigarettes and stole change” from him.



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