Multibagger Stocks: You can make a lot of money by following some stock market tips. If you follow some rules of stock market investment then you can become a millionaire in the long term by investing thousand rupees. Before the investment rules give you an example Marico Shares. The price of Marico share on 19 October 2001 on NSE was ₹2.66 per share, whereas today it is priced at ₹588 per share (9:18 pm on NSE). It has jumped about 220 times in this 20-year period.

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Well-known stock market investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has asked investors to keep investing in a stock till the highest level of PE. And to stay informed about the PE of the stock, one needs to keep an eye on the business model of the company. Explain that geniuses don’t do different things, but they do things differently. Take for example investing in the stock market. Through ‘Buy, Sell and Hold’ strategy you can make money from stock market.

Marico Share Price History

Marico’s shares rose from ₹563.30 to ₹588 in the last one week. There was an increase of about 4.50 percent in this period. Similarly, this multibagger stock has gained 5.5 per cent in a month. Now it has increased from ₹ 558.30 to ₹ 588. Marico’s shares have risen from ₹423.30 to ₹588 in the last 6 months. There has been an increase of about 40 percent in this period. Similarly, in the last one year, the stock has risen from ₹361.60 to ₹588 per share level. There has been an increase of about 65 percent in one year. After rising from ₹275.70 to ₹588 levels, the stock has given a return of 115 per cent in the last 5 years. Similarly in the last 20 years, the stock has risen from the level of ₹2.66 per share to ₹588 per share. Around 22,000 per cent returns have been registered in this period.

This is how Marico made a millionaire from a millionaire

If an investor had invested ₹ 100000 in this stock a week ago, his one lakh would have become ₹ 1.045 lakh today. If the investor had invested one lakh in this multibagger stock 6 months ago, that amount would have become 1.40 lakh today. Similarly, if the investor had invested ₹1 lakh in this consumer durable counter a year ago, his ₹1 lakh would have become ₹1.65 lakh today. If an investor had invested ₹1 lakh in this counter 5 years ago and held this stock during this period, his ₹1 lakh would have become ₹2.15 lakh today. Similarly, if an investor had invested ₹ 1 lakh in this multibagger stock 20 years ago while buying at the level of ₹ 2.66 per share and has invested in this stock till date without any interruption, then its ₹ 1 lakh today. ₹2.20 crore has been made.

what will happen next

Stock market experts are still seeing more gains in this multibagger stock. He believes that it can go up to ₹602 per share level in the immediate short term. “Marico share price is likely to touch Rs 602 in immediate short term. Buy at current market price and place stop loss at Rs 575 per share level,” said Mudit Goel, Senior Research Analyst, SMC Global Securities.

Disclaimer: The views and recommendations given above are those of individual analysts or broking companies and not of Live Hindustan. Therefore, before investing, please consult your expert.



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