Several dozen people were rescued from a trap in Death Valley


    Rescuers managed to transport about a hundred people from a trap that hit hundreds of tourists in the National Park “Death Valley” in California. The incident occurred due to sudden rains – they caused mudflows that blocked the road. The management of the park informs about the current situation in its press release.

    On the eve of August 6, 371 mm of precipitation fell in the region – this is 75% of the annual rainfall in Death Valley. How informs TV channel CNN, as a result of rains and the subsequent descent of mudflows, no one was injured. However, the roadbed was blocked in many places.

    Now the US Navy and the California Highway Patrol helicopters are engaged in the evacuation of tourists. They also examine remote sections of the routes passing through the national park. It is reported that it is already possible to transport more and more people from the blocked. At the same time, a number of visitors were able to leave the park on their own.


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