Senator Pushkov announced NATO’s worst nightmare

    Meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Territory June 17, 2021 Perm, Alexey Pushkov

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    NATO’s worst nightmare is a real split in the alliance. This was stated by Senator from the Perm Territory Alexei Pushkov.

    “Turkey is such a valuable NATO member for the Western alliance, holding the keys to the Middle East in its hands, that it raises serious doubts about the readiness of Western countries to announce [президенту Турции Реджепу Тайипу] Erdogan political war. You can stay on hold. A real split in NATO is Brussels’ worst nightmare,” Alexey Pushkov wrote in his telegram channel.

    Earlier, British political scientist Mark Galeotti announced the split of NATO into three camps. State Duma Deputy Dmitry Belik also noted that the regular mistakes of US President Joe Biden lead to the collapse of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance. In Turkey, a campaign called “Let’s leave NATO” appeared.

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