Senator Graham forced to appear in court to ‘snitch’ on Trump


In the US, a federal judge ruled as part of an investigation into the events following the 2020 US election to testify before a grand jury against Senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

This South Carolina senator and lawyers in the U.S. Upper House have so far argued that being a senator gives him immunity from appearing at inquest hearings, and have asked the court to strike down the subpoena. Under the current court ruling, being a senator does not protect Graham in this trial. He will have to appear in court in order to answer questions under oath.

The investigation was launched last year by the District Attorney Fanny Willis. At her request, a special grand jury was formed, which also has the right to issue subpoenas. Last month, the prosecutor asked the jury to hear as witnesses seven advisers and associates. Donald Trump.

The prosecutor said she will be questioning Senator Lindsey Graham in court about the phone calls he made to top Georgia officials in the weeks following the 2020 election, when a poor election result prompted Donald Trump and his supporters to try to get state recounts and put called into question the purity of the presidential elections.

The work of the special grand jury is clearly politically motivated in anticipation of the upcoming US midterm elections in 100 days. His activities are directed against former President Donald Trump and his supporters in the Republican Party.

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