Security forces are looking for the motorist who caused an accident in Yekaterinburg. Video

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In Yekaterinburg on December 1, the driver of a Lada car, failing to ensure control of the road, crashed into a foreign car. After which he left the scene of the accident. Police officers organized a search for the fugitive, the department’s press service said.

“The driver of the Lada car did not ensure constant control over the movement of the vehicle and caused a collision with the Shkoda car in front. After the accident, the driver of the Lada left the scene of the accident, police officers are carrying out search activities to establish his identity,” writes the telegram channel “Staff Police of the Sverdlovsk Region.” As a result of the accident, the driver and passenger of the foreign car were injured.

Based on the fact of the accident, traffic inspectors have begun an investigation, based on the results of which an informed procedural decision will be made. The State Traffic Inspectorate recommends that the driver of a domestic car independently appear at the police station to give evidence.


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