Seal of Vladimir Monomakh found at excavations near Kaliningrad


Archaeologists found the seal of Monomakh at the excavations of the village of Privolnoe-1 near Kaliningrad

Archaeologists studying the medieval village of Privolnoye-1 in the Kaliningrad region have discovered a rare and important artifact. Scientists first found the seal of Vladimir Monomakh in this region, reported press office Institute of Archeology RAS.

Seal of Vladimir Monomakh found at excavations near Kaliningrad

The Institute noted that a feature of this settlement is the discovery of numerous evidence of close trade and cultural contacts of its inhabitants with Ancient Russia. Archaeologists have discovered many valuable finds. In 2016, during the excavations, a hanging lead seal of the Novgorod and Pskov holy prince Vsevolod Mstislavovich, the grandson of Vladimir Monomakh, was found. More recently, scientists have made an even more interesting discovery.

“The most striking and significant find in 2022 in the context of studying the contacts of the inhabitants of the settlement under consideration with Ancient Russia can certainly be considered the find of another princely hanging lead seal – this time of the Grand Duke of Kyiv Vladimir Monomakh himself!” – said the Institute of Archeology.

Archaeologists in the Crimea have discovered several caches of coins. According to experts, the finds on the territory of Phanagoria date back to the sixth century.

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