Scientists have warned of the future "internet apocalypse"


Apocalypse - 1920, 11/29/2021

MOSCOW, November 29 – A powerful solar flare could lead to massive disruptions and trigger an “Internet apocalypse”. The corresponding warning was published by the Swedish Dagens Nyheter edition citing UC Sangeetu Abdu Jyoti information technology specialist.
During such an outbreak, the expert argues, the first thing to suffer is not the large servers that can be protected, but the submarine cables, which are the basis of the Internet.
“The probability is about once in a hundred years. But over the past hundred years there has not been a single such storm, which means that it may well happen in our lifetime,” the specialist is sure.
Coronal mass ejection is a solar flare, during which charged particles are ejected towards the Earth. When they reach the Earth’s magnetic field, a geomagnetic storm occurs – it is especially noticeable at the Earth’s poles in the form of the aurora borealis.
It is believed that a weak storm can provoke minor disruptions in the operation of power systems and affect the migration paths of birds and animals, stronger ones affect shortwave communications and navigation systems, and can also cause voltage surges in industrial networks.
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