Scientists have identified a new strain of coronavirus “deltacron” in Russia


In genomic data from St. Petersburg, scientists have discovered a new variant of the coronavirus, which is a kind of hybrid of the Omicron and Delta strains. American geneticist Dmitry Pruss believes that the danger of the “Russian deltacron” has yet to be studied, informs RBC.

Pruss argues that “omicron” has by now practically supplanted “delta”, and therefore viruses that combine fragments of the genomes of both strains are very rare. Nevertheless, it is these hybrids that have been identified in the latest downloads of genomic data from St. Petersburg.

The first data appeared in early July. At first, these conclusions were questioned, but by the end of the month enough samples appeared to confirm that this was “not a mistake”, but “really a hybrid virus.” It is noteworthy that this type of coronavirus has not been detected in any other country. Most likely, his homeland is Russia, Pruss said.

The prevalence of this strain is still small – in any case, this can be said about St. Petersburg, where the Institute of Influenza conducted research. Scientists have not yet determined whether the hybrid poses any significant threat and whether it is capable of crowding out other strains. Pruss recommended that Russian medical organizations increase their vigilance and monitor new strains.

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