Scientists have figured out why the core of the Earth flows the most valuable gas for science

Geophysicists from Princeton University and Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry Jie Deng And Zhixue Du found out why the core of the Earth flows with valuable helium-3 gas. Research is shared by the site VICE.

Helium-3, which is a potential fuel for nuclear fusion and possibly involved in the formation of life, has been leaking from the Earth’s core for a very long time. The reasons for these processes have been baffling the scientific community for more than a year now.

Deng and Du figured out that this ancient substance seeps from the core into the outer layers of the planet as a result of reactions with magnesium oxide. The value of the discovery lies in the fact that it can help explore the most mysterious interior of the Earth and has implications for understanding how life arose on Earth and whether it can exist anywhere else in the universe.

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