Scientists from the Karolinska Institute found a link between age and weight gain

After reaching the age of 40, some people begin to rapidly gain weight. Scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden decided to find out the reasons for this phenomenon.

The authors of the study monitored the health status of 54 men and women for 13 years. All volunteers had low levels of lipid metabolism in adipose tissue. In this regard, the fat in their bodies remained longer than usual. If a person did not reduce the calorie content of his diet with age, then he began to rapidly gain weight.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that metabolic processes in adipose tissue significantly affect a person’s weight during aging. You can speed up lipid metabolism through regular exercise.

Previously, scientists have established a link between excessive fluctuations in body temperature and the risk of developing cancer. To do this, they conducted an experiment on rodents.


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