Scientists are sounding the alarm due to the shallowing of the second largest reservoir in Perm

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In Perm, the level of the Votkinsk reservoir has dropped to extremely low values. Specialists from the GIS Center of Perm State National Research University spoke about this.

“The discharge from the Votkinsk reservoir in October and early November significantly exceeded the inflow <...>. In combination with the operating mode of the hydroelectric power station, this caused an extreme decrease in the level. This situation will obviously continue until April,” the center’s telegram channel states.

Very strong and prolonged rains in November could change the current state of affairs. But they are not typical for the climate of the Kama region. By the end of next week it is expected to become colder and the rivers will go into winter mode.

In recent days, the Kama riverbed in the regional capital has dried up by more than half, which has caused bewilderment among Perm residents amid periodic rainfall. This was caused by a record drought that lasted since April.


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