Schoolchildren were inspired by a computer game and went to rob a beauty salon in St. Petersburg

Global Look Press |  Pascal Deloche/Godong
Global Look Press | Pascal Deloche/Godong

Two schoolchildren with a toy gun tried to rob a nail salon in Murino, St. Petersburg, inspired by the computer game GTA. This became known to

According to the data, on Monday, April 11, the children entered the beauty salon and began to threaten the employee with a toy gun. The girl did not believe them and did not give the money back. The juvenile delinquents did not insist and left. Later, they were caught “in hot pursuit” near house number 12 on Shuvalov Street.

It is known that one of the teenagers is not the first time trying to commit theft. Last summer, in the store “Point of Love” on Engels Avenue, he stole goods worth 3 thousand rubles.

At the moment, a criminal case has been initiated under the article on robbery, the suspects have been placed in a temporary detention center.

Earlier, St. Petersburg teenagers smashed the bus and scared the passengers.


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