Scholz was advised to listen to an educational program from a lawyer before giving advice to Russia

Political technologist Bashirov: Scholz suggested that Russia violate its guarantee obligations

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urged Russia to take back the Siemens turbine repaired in Canada, but everything is not so simple: by doing this, Russia would violate the warranty obligations, the political strategist, the author of the Telegram channel, told 360 “Politjoystick” Marat Bashirov. According to him, Scholz has nothing to do with it at all – it is only about the agreement between Gazprom and Siemens.

Scholz was advised to listen to an educational program from a lawyer before giving advice to Russia

“Actually, Mr. Scholz is here … I wanted to say“ nobody ”, but this is probably wrong. He is not a party to legal relations here. There is an agreement between Siemens and Gazprom. The Gazprom company bought the turbines, supplied them and operates them according to the contract,” Bashirov explained.

In particular, the contract provides for certain procedures for repair, on-site maintenance, control and “so-called depletion of the resource”.

“It doesn’t matter if the turbine is intact or not – according to the contract, if it has worked for a certain number of hours, it must be sent for inspection and replacement of certain parts. Just like with a car that can be removed from the warranty if you do not pass the inspection on time. These legal circumstances were grossly violated by Siemens,” the expert said.

According to him, the turbine is a complex technical product, which is usually handled with great care.

“And Scholz proposes to violate all warranty obligations. So let Siemens do it – let it sign under the fact that it will continue to repair turbines, ”said Marat Bashirov.

He recalled that Gazprom demanded to show documents on the repair, on the delivery of the turbine, and information on what would happen to this and other turbines in the future. Sending other products for repair means “again getting involved in a legal struggle and spending money,” the political strategist stated.

“Scholz needs to invite his chief lawyer, and let him explain to him what the legal guarantees given by the German company Siemens are,” he summed up.

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