Scholz says he predicted Germany’s energy crisis as early as 2021


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz believes that last year it became clear that the country could face difficulties in the field of energy supply.

“The fact that there is a problem became more and more obvious last year due to the fact that gas storage facilities owned by Russian companies were not filled,” – said Scholz on Monday evening in Oslo at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Norway Jonas Gahr Størewhich was broadcast by the N-tv channel.

“We even encountered the fact that instead of using existing pipelines, for example, Yamal – Europe, to import gas to Poland through Belarus, gas was taken from gas storage facilities. And I took it as a very serious signal, so in December, when I took over as chancellor, I asked the responsible authorities to clarify what we are actually going to do when we no longer get enough gas,” — continued the head of the government of Germany.

This, he said, was the starting signal to start making investments before the start of the conflict in Ukraine in infrastructure related to liquefied natural gas. At the same time, Scholz stressed that the future lies with renewable energy sources and their massive expansion.

“Major changes have already taken place with a lot of legislative packages that affect expansion goals as well as the legal framework so that the necessary speed can be achieved,” summed up the German Chancellor.

The German authorities are seeking to reduce dependence on Russian gas supplies in light of the situation in Ukraine. They consider the commissioning of LNG receiving terminals as one of the solutions. So, on August 12, Scholz announced that the necessary infrastructure would be created in Germany next year to ensure the country’s gas supply. In Oslo, the chancellor reiterated that the German authorities expect to build terminals for receiving liquefied natural gas on the northern coast of Germany by 2023.

Scholz also added that Germany intends to expand cooperation with Norway in the energy sector, as it considers this country one of the most important partners in this area.

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