Scholz ruled out the possibility of freezing the conflict in Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Peace talks between Russia and Ukraine should completely end the conflict, not freeze it. This opinion was made by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“If proposals for peace talks are put forward, their goal cannot be that we get a frozen conflict,” Olaf Scholz stressed. His words leads Norwegian online edition of Nyheter. The chancellor noted that the West should ensure the security of Kyiv, but at the same time he explained that in the near future they do not plan to accept Ukraine into NATO.

And the Italian columnist Christina Mangani wrote that Western countries are pushing Kyiv to negotiate with Russia in order to temporarily freeze its conflict with Russia. Scholz also said that peace talks are the only chance for Moscow to lift Western sanctions. VSE42.RU. Germany is ready to continue supporting Ukraine, reports OTR. In turn, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Kuleba, specified that Kyiv was ready for negotiations with the Russian Federation, so long as they did not lead to a freezing of the conflict.


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