German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that during a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin he did not see a change in Russia’s position on Ukraine. The conversation between the leaders of the two countries took place yesterday, May 13, and lasted more than an hour and a half. Mr. Scholz believes that Russia has not yet achieved the goals of its military operation.

German Chancellor in an interview with the portal T-online responded negatively to the question of whether he noticed a change in Moscow’s position. According to the chancellor, Russia has not yet achieved any of the goals set before the start of the military operation in Ukraine. In particular, as Olaf Scholz pointed out, Ukraine continues to defend its territories, while NATO is only strengthening its forces.

“Ukraine has not been conquered, but it is defending itself with great skill, courage and self-sacrifice. NATO did not leave, but actually increased its forces on the eastern flank. And the alliance will become even stronger when Finland and Sweden join NATO. The Russian military itself suffered significant losses, which are much more than in a decade of the Soviet Union’s Afghan campaign, ”he says.

According to Mr. Scholz, it should gradually become clear to the President of the Russian Federation that the only way out of this situation is to come to an agreement with Ukraine. If a peace treaty is concluded, anti-Russian sanctions will also be lifted, the chancellor added. “At some point, Russia must understand that the only plausible possibility of lifting sanctions at some point is an agreement with Ukraine,” he stressed. Olaf Scholz added that Russia “has driven itself into a dramatic situation.”

On February 24, Vladimir Putin launched a military operation to “demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine. The German chancellor during yesterday’s conversation once again demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops, and also insisted on continuing the search for a diplomatic settlement. Meanwhile, the German Security Council is discussing sending ten air defense systems to Ukraine. On April 28, the Bundestag approved the delivery of heavy weapons to Kyiv.

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Laura Keffer



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