Scholz called the termination of the special operation a condition for Putin’s visit to Germany

German Chancellor Scholz said that for Putin’s visit to the country it is necessary to stop the special operation in Ukraine

The condition for the visit to Germany of Russian President Vladimir Putin will be the cessation of the special military operation in Ukraine. This statement was made by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, RIA News”.

Scholz called the termination of the special operation a condition for Putin's visit to Germany

“As for the question of when Putin will again (maybe) be in Germany, I have not thought about this yet,” he said at the first big press conference in his position.

Journalists asked to clarify under what conditions such a visit is possible. Scholz replied that for this, Russia and Ukraine must sign a peace treaty, and this is not about a forced peace.

“I think one thing is absolutely clear, that [спецоперация] must be completed,” he said.

The chancellor explained that precisely because of the special operation and the subsequent Western sanctions, “we are spending significantly more money on the Bundeswehr so ​​that we can be armed against any attack.”

During the same conference, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz shared that he works in his position “with pleasure”, despite all the difficulties. He also added that he was happy to call up his predecessor, Angela Merkel.

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