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Scholz called Merkel’s policy towards Russia in the field of energy resources wrong


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised the policy of peaceful coexistence with Russia pursued by his predecessor, Angela Merkel. At the same time, Mr. Scholz criticized one moment in the policy of Mrs. Merkel. According to him, Germany has become too energy dependent on Russia.

“I am on the side of my predecessor and see no reason to doubt her decisions. The policy of peaceful coexistence can never be wrong,” said Olaf Scholz in an interview with DPA (quoted from Die Welt).

“But it was a mistake in German economic policy that we concentrated our energy supplies too much on Russia without building the necessary infrastructure so that we could change course quickly if the worst happened,” he said. According to the chancellor, now Germany must quickly catch up.

On June 7, Angela Merkel gave an interview for the first time since leaving the post of chancellor. In it, she strongly criticized Moscow’s policy, but assured that she did not regret that she maintained active contacts with the Russian leadership. In addition, according to the former chancellor, her disapproval of Ukraine’s entry into NATO in the face of the “domestic political split” in Kyiv in 2008 was the right decision.

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