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The Norwegian national team may be suspended from participation in the Olympic Games for violating the anti-doping code, according to NRK. The thing is that, according to the country’s legislation, athletes aged 15-18 cannot be tested for doping without parental consent.

Accordingly, not a single young athlete has been tested for doping. without warning of the visit of an anti-doping officer.

This law has been in effect for at least two years, but the Norwegian Anti-Doping Agency (ADNO) drew attention to the flagrant violation of the rules only now. And WADA has every reason to deprive ADNO of its compliance status.

“This is a matter of paramount importance. We don’t want a sport that allows under 18s to be doped and not tested, which allows you to cheat and gain an unfair advantage.

One of the consequences could be a ban on international competitions in Norway. If WADA makes such a decision, we will not be able to host the European Championships, the World Championships, the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” – the head of ADNO is sure Anders Solheim.

Former Director General of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) Yuri Ganus also commented on the sensational news:

“If these facts are confirmed, then this is a very gross violation. According to anti-doping regulations, no one has the right to notify athletes in advance of testing. This is the meaning of the procedure, that the sample is taken from persons who are not aware of the date and time of testing.

The essence of testing lies in anti-doping control, in revealing the facts of violations. And athletes in this age category (15-18 years old) often play for the first national team of the country. And age cannot be an excuse for established facts.”

In turn, the four-time Olympic champion in biathlon Alexander Tikhonov urged severe punishment of the Norwegians:

“Norway should have been removed a long time ago. Big brawlers than they are hard to come up with. Only Norwegians always write protests and carry nonsense. Therefore, punishing them is a very correct decision. For past, present and future. I don’t have any respect for them.

Some scandals from them after they started to beat them Bolshunov and our girls. God forbid, the decision will be put into practice so that everyone else is discouraged. If Norway was punished, then the rest will think.

Norway is a nasty and greedy country. Norway’s Future Generations Development Fund – $927 billion. And they don’t have money? Give any Norwegian a billion – he will borrow for beer.

As Sport24 recalls, in recent years, sports fans have the impression that only Russia has problems with the anti-doping system.

The long-suffering All-Russian Athletic Federation has been in a servile status for seven years, RUSADA has been deprived of the status of conformity, and the Russian team has gone to the Games in a truncated composition for three Olympics in a row (Rio, Pyeongchang, Tokyo).

Will a similar sad fate befall Norwegian asthmatics? It is unlikely…

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