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Scandalous supplier of food for hospitals in the Perm region wants to deprive property

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The Elion company, which supplies food for hospitals and social institutions, may lose its property in Chaikovsky (Perm Territory). The statement of claim against the legal entity was submitted to the Arbitration Court of the Perm Territory by the regional ministry for property management and urban planning. It requires declaring the property rights to real estate objects owned by Elion LLC as absent, the ruling on the court’s website says.

“The Arbitration Court of the Perm Territory, having familiarized itself with the statement of claim of the Ministry for Property Management and Urban Development of the Perm Territory against Elion LLC […] established: to accept the statement of claim for proceedings by the Arbitration Court of the Perm Territory, ”the ruling says. The preliminary hearing in the case took place on 29 November.

The Ministry of Property of the Kama region is seeking the return of the premises located in the Chaikovskaya city hospital, which were bought out by Elion LLC. This was told to URA.RU by the deputy of the legislative assembly of the region Alexei Naborshchikov, who was present at the meeting.

“We are talking about the return of the dining room “Aibolit” and the building of the catering unit in Tchaikovsky. A few years ago, the Elion company leased them from a local municipal enterprise, which was then transformed into an LLC and went bankrupt. And Elion received the pre-emptive right to buy these premises,” Naborshchikov explained. The regional department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the tax service, the Ministry of Health, the prosecutor’s office, as well as the Central State Security Committee and the Tchaikovsky administration were involved in the case as third parties.

LLC Eliona has repeatedly found itself in the center of attention of regulatory and supervisory authorities. So, in 2017, the OFAS initiated an antitrust case against the company. The reason was the collusion of the company with Amega LLC at the auction for the supply of food to institutions subordinate to the regional Ministry of Health. Signs of a cartel in which Elion was featured were discovered by antimonopoly officials a year later. In 2020, Elfira Kuzmina, director of the company, became a defendant in a criminal case on bribery.

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