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Scandal in the Rancagua Fire Department: volunteer denounced humiliation during a night watch


 Scandal at the Rancagua Fire Department: volunteer denounced harassment during a night watch

A volunteer from the First Rancagua Fire Company denounced harassment during a night watch. The institution opened an investigative process and provisionally suspended those involved.

The O’Higgins Fire Department opened an investigative process after a volunteer filed a complaint for improper actionsduring a night watch in the First Company of Rancagua.

According to the background information, on November 20 the volunteer reported that during the shift she was forced to enter the unit’s shower.

The fact would have been repeated on several occasions during that same guard, “being reviled, making her feel insecure and uncomfortable”, details the official complaint.

According to what was published by the local newspaper El Tipógrafo, the volunteer was bound and hooded.

The Superior Council of Firefighters Discipline investigates the fact

In dialogue with BioBioChile.cl, René Guzmán , general secretary of the Rancagua Fire Department, confirmed that all the records are in the hands of the institution’s Superior Disciplinary Council.

He also specified that the fact denounced dates back to to August 27 of this yearand that the complainant approached her superiors after a conversation with her relatives, who told her that she should report the incident to the fire department.

It is a matter of investigation by the Council Disciplinary Superior to define how the events occurred. She approached the Company officials on November 20, pointing out the shower and that at the time she felt uncomfortable and burst into tears. There is no history of an alleged tie and hood, Guzmán explained.

“The firefighters involved were temporarily suspended”

On the day of the incident, the Third Lieutenant was on night watch, in addition to three volunteers, two of whom were which participated actively, according to the story of the victim”, stated René Guzmán,

“Among the primary actions carried out by the institution, suspended provisionally to the firefighters involved and the investigation began“, he added.

The General Secretary of the Rancagua Fire Department emphasized that it will be the investigation carried out by the Superior Council of Discipline that determines the responsibilities and eventual sanctions.

Finally, he said that the volunteer complainant remains active within the Fire Department; but she & # 8220; released from the responsibilities of being able to participate in any activity, for example, academy fire calls, while the investigative process is open & # 8221;.

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