Scally Milano, Hofmannita and Instasamka promised to improve: details

Music producer Prigozhin said that Russian rappers need to respect their country

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Rapper bloggers promised the head of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, to edit their content and lyrics. What prevented them from doing this without a visit to the social activist is not clear. However, nothing has been done so far: all the scandalous videos of youth idols are on the Web in their original and not too censored form.

Rappers met with Mizulina

The head of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, spoke about the meeting with the “new school” rapper Scally Milano. He allegedly revised his views on his own initiative and promised to edit the songs, removing from them propaganda of prohibited substances and profanity.

Later, on May 29, Mizulina told in her Telegram channelthat held a working meeting with the performers Hofmannita and Instasamka. They, according to the social activist, asked to give them time.

“Representatives of the parent community took part in both meetings. The trend of rejecting prohibited content in creativity continues. The performers plan to remove all tracks that contain dangerous information. Time will tell,” Mizulina summed up.

Stars without diplomas and certificates

Instasamka, also known as Daria Zoteeva, was born in 2000. Childhood and youth lived in the suburbs. The girl said that due to poor academic performance and behavior, she was unable to receive either a complete secondary or any special education.

The performer started on the Web in 2017 as Daria President, then changed her nickname to Instasamka and began to rap. Koda did not sing, she actively shared with the public the details of her personal life, occasionally managing to insert censorship words in a stream of profanity.

The image of the brawler turned out to be quite profitable. By the beginning of 2021, the Instasamka account had become one of the most popular in Russia. However, this year, civil activists, who are tired of overt propaganda of debauchery and drugs, took up the girl.

Instagram, 2021

Instagram, 2021/“In contact with”

Practically the same story with the rest of the visitors to Mizulina, the difference is only in the details. For example, Hofmannita in the world is Anna Mikheeva. She was born in Chelyabinsk, next year she will celebrate her 30th birthday.

Five years ago, she tried her luck in the show “Tomboys”, but got drunk at the first party and flew out. Because of this, a new rap artist Hofmannita appeared on the stage, who loves to cry on camera and talk obscenely about sex and drugs.

Hofmannita and Scally Milano, 2022

Hofmannita and Scally Milano, 2022/“In contact with”

Scally Milano or Daniil Slonov was born in Bereznyaki, Perm region. Hungry childhood, drinking parents, mother was convicted, now being treated for addiction, father in jail, – the 21-year-old rapper told about himself.

The young man studied poorly, stole texts from other rappers and, having slightly changed, posted them as his own. On that guy and noticed. Adult performers decided that the young colleague would be good: he clearly knows how to write about girls and alcohol.

After the police closed the Scally Milano concert in St. Petersburg in April this year, the rapper decided to leave Russia for Dubai. However, there seemed to be enough runaway Russian rap artists there.

Scandal is not synonymous with popularity

Music producer Iosif Prigozhin, in a conversation with 360, noted that performers need to establish contacts with the authorities. If people want to work in Russia, they must respect their country. These conditions apply throughout the world.

If you ask me how integrated the entertainment industry is into big politics in the world, then I will tell you: yes, it is integrated and always has been. And when they say that business is independent of the authorities in the United States, this is absolutely not true. Because if a star lights up, then someone needs it.

Joseph Prigogine

Prigozhin admitted that he is against profanity in public space, especially from the lips of girls. The producer explained that he has six children, grandchildren are growing up, and he does not want an atmosphere of vulgarity to reign around them.

“We must understand that every circumstance has a place. We must be able to joke to the place, empathize, rejoice. And you need to understand where you can do something, and where not. Real tolerance is when you respect those around you,” Prigozhin emphasized.

He added that it is always possible to find the right solution. In order to become popular and keep the audience with your work, it is not at all necessary to lead a scandalous lifestyle.


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