Saratov doctors fight for the life of a teenager who ended up in intensive care due to vaping

Minister of Health of the Saratov Region Oleg Kostin reported in his Telegram channel that local doctors are fighting for the life of a minor who has become a victim of vaping. His condition is assessed as extremely serious.

The incident happened on May 29th. The 15-year-old teenager was taken to the hospital by ambulance in the evening. The patient’s history includes dizziness, loss of consciousness, foam from the mouth with blood. The young man is currently connected to a ventilator, the work of the cardiovascular system is supported by medications. Kostin noted that “the heart and lungs can’t cope,” according to him, the heart muscle failed twice, but the doctors were able to restore its work. A teenager has pulmonary edema.

Earlier it was reported about the death of three people in the Volgograd region during the change of the septic tank. The cause of the incident was poisoning with hydrochloric acid vapors.


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