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Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can be released in August


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can be released in August: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone can be launched on August 10 this year. The report of the South Korean media has now revealed the date of the launch, which is pointing to the fact that the phone has just two months to launch.

The leaks related to the Galaxy Note 10 have started to appear and recently the phone’s 360-degree render was also leaked.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Fold can be launched once again in July. The company will organize an event at the end of this month and it can be made available for sale from next month.

In a report, ETNews said that the launch event of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be held on August 10. Recall that the launch event of Galaxy Note 9 was organized on August 9 last year and it was made available for sale on August 24th.

It is anticipated that Samsung could follow the same trend and make Galaxy Note 10 available for sale in the market from August 25. Let us know for the information of people that this is just the guess.

Two variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can be launched. With Pro Variant Sensitive Ashes and with no physical buttons, the Galaxy Note 10 can be launched without a Dedicated Bixby Button.

The price of the upcoming phone is expected to be around 1,100-1,200 dollars (about 76,000-83,000 rupees). This is mentioned in a separate report, Samsung Galaxy Fold will be launched again next month.

The report says that Samsung will organize an event this month and it will be made available to the phone in July.

The launch date for the Galaxy Fold was scheduled on April 26 but some recent launch event has been canceled for some review unit damages. The company also refunded all the pre-orders.

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