Sales of bouquets by March 8 in Russia decreased by a quarter due to savings on gifts

Residents of Russia purchased by March 8 by 28% less beech flowers than last year. Consumers began to save money on gifts.

Against the backdrop of a decrease in demand for flowers as a present for International Women’s Day, spending on chocolate and sweets increased by 23%. The change in consumer behavior was noticed in the analytical service “Sales.rf”, reports TASS.

“This year, on the day of the holiday, we record a decrease in the number of purchases, as Russians began to save on gifts, however, in the pre-holiday week, the decrease compared to the previous year was half as much, and spending on flowers and sweets increased by 12% and 18%, respectively,” — said the senior analyst of the First OFD Tatyana Grebenkina.

Flower shops sold 375 thousand bouquets on March 8, which is 28% less than on the same day in 2022. There is also a 20% reduction in the number of checks. The decrease in buying activity did not affect the total revenue, it remains at the level of the previous year. The average cost of a check increased by 25% and amounted to 960 rubles.

The increase in prices for flowers on the eve of the holiday worried the deputies of the State Duma. As transmits DEITA.RUthey call for a ban on changing the prices of goods in flower shops.


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