Sales employees up in arms against AZ India for ‘unlawful’ termination of jobs


    A steady stream of job losses continues in the pharmaceutical sales sector. The latest example is at AstraZeneca (AZ), a multinational drugmaker. Pharma India Limited, which has let go of its 103 employees in the company’s ‘primary care’ division. While 52 of these sales employees accepted an offer from the major pharmaceutical company for a voluntary retirement scheme (VRS), while 51 others declined.

    AZ India’s primary care division had responsibility for the sales of two drugs — BetalocBeta blocker drugs include. ImdurThis medication is used to treat anginal pain. According According to sources, the company will merge marketing activities for these drug portfolios with other divisions.

    “AZ India has unlawfully terminated the services of even those employees who did not accept VRS. Some of these employees are in their thirties and forties. Why would they want to seek voluntary retirement?” one of the employees who has refused the company’s offer asked.

    Official 51 employees had their reporting portals blocked. The company then transferred the termination payments and other dues into these employees’ bank accounts. India said.

    On WednesdayRepresentatives of several pharma companies, including AZ, were present. India, Albert David Limited, Stadmed Private Limited, Karnataka Antibiotics And Pharmaceuticals Limited?, Sanofi Pasteur India Private LimitedAZ was protested by a number of people, including AZ. India’s sales depot in southeast Delhi.

    Following The layoffs, Federation This is Medical And Sales Representatives Associations This is India (FMRAI) has filed a complaint with Labour Commissioner In Bengaluru. “AZ India’s management attended the conciliation meeting on February 28 at the office of the deputy labour commissioner… and assured us to continue with the marketing activities of primary care division…despite that we were shocked and surprised to note that management has issued letters of termination on March 6 to all sales promotion employees… with vague and untenable reasons that their services will cease after the closing hours of March 10,” FMRAI’s general secretary Santanu Chatterjee AZ by writing a letter India’s Human Resources Director Amanpreet Kaur Ahuja.

    Most employees who have lost their job belong to medical representatives’ unions and have alleged that their abrupt dismissal is in violation of labour law and tantamount to unfair labour practices. Mr. Chatterjee It was stated that per Section 33 (1)(a), and (b) Industrial Disputes Act1947. The employer cannot change the service conditions without permission from the relevant conciliation (labour officer) officer during the pendency.

    AZ India has meanwhile maintained that it has discontinued services of some of its sales promotion employees as a result of the company’s “evolving strategic priorities”.

    The pharma major has clocked healthy growth with 24% rise in revenue from operations from ₹205.85 crore in Q3 FY22 to ₹257 crore in Q3 FY23. Net profit during the same time jumped from ₹11.41 crore to ₹29.30 crore.

    The Domestic companies such as GE continue to suffer from a wave of layoffs Zydus Lifesciences LimitedTTK Healthcare Limited And Indoco Remedies Limited Their employees were laid off. Among The multinationals Novartis Limited, Sanofi India Limited And Pfizer Limited They also did so.

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