Saint Petersburg: Latest technology and “grandfather of the Russian fleet” for Navy Day

Around three thousand soldiers, dozens of warships and airplanes – the main parade for Navy Day in Russia takes place in Saint Petersburg. Exactly where Peter the Great held his parade of ships to celebrate the first major victory of the Russian fleet.

Some participants traveled a long way to St. Petersburg: the warships of the Caspian Fleet had been underway for almost three weeks to take part in the main parade marking Russian Navy Day on July 31.

"Can answer any aggressor" - naval parade with dozens of warships in St. Petersburg

“Can answer any aggressor” – naval parade with dozens of warships in St. Petersburg

Russian Navy Day has been celebrated annually since 2017 and is celebrated with dignity throughout Russia. On this day, large ship parades take place in various places across the country: in Vladivostok as in Severomorsk, in Kaspiysk as in Novorossiysk. However, the main show takes place in Saint Petersburg, where in 1714 the first naval parade of Tsar Peter the Great was held. In neighboring Kronstadt, the military parade will consist not only of ships but also of submarines, including the Russian Northern Fleet’s multi-purpose nuclear submarine “Vepr”, which arrived for the occasion from the Barents Sea.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated:

“The parade will involve land, sea and air vehicles, which will enable a holistic presentation of the modern image of the Navy. More than 3,500 soldiers, over 40 surface ships, submarines and 42 aircraft will take part in this parade.”

Military aircraft from the Baltic, North, Black Sea and Pacific Fleets will also be used for this parade: more than 40 fighter jets and helicopters will fly over Saint Petersburg on July 31st. As the Ministry of Defense has already announced, these include “aircraft Sukhoi Su-24M, Sukhoi Su-25BM, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29K, Sukhoi Su-27, Mil Mi-8 helicopters, Kamov Ka-27M, Kamov Ka-29 and Kamov Ka-31R and other aircraft of the Air Force and Navy”.

Russian Navy commissions submarine as test platform for latest nuclear torpedoes

Russian Navy commissions submarine as test platform for latest nuclear torpedoes

According to data from The patrol boat “Evgeny Kolesnikov” with a female crew is also scheduled to take part in the main Navy parade. Sailing ships also join the show. The famous brig “Rossiya” will also be taking part – its scarlet sails have accompanied the legendary St. Petersburg graduates’ festival “Scarlet Sails” in recent years. However, the brig’s sails will be changed on Navy Day, reports Delovoi Peterburg. What color they will be is still a secret.

In the historical part of the parade, the “grandfather of the Russian fleet”, a then rediscovered battered English boat, which was overhauled for the later Tsar Peter the Great, will pass the Neva. The journey of the young Tsarevich on this boat in the Moscow pond near Izmailovo was once the starting signal for the Russian fleet. This “grandfather of the Russian fleet” was affectionately called Botik (the little boat) by the Russian tsar himself – after he had already built up a Russian naval fleet.

The Tsar’s boat is loaded onto the deck of a ship and ceremonially driven through Saint Petersburg. The idea of ​​including the founder of the Russian fleet in the naval parades was taken up by Tsar Nicholas I. The news agency Regnum According to this, on July 3, 1836, a great show of the Baltic Fleet with boats took place in Kronstadt. Nicholas I had it built on the ship “Herkules”.

"The West underestimates Russia" – Ex-President Medvedev in an interview

“The West underestimates Russia” – Ex-President Medvedev in an interview

Peter the Great brought the idea of ​​naval parades with him from abroad: in 1698 he saw ships parading in England. A year later he organized his own parade on the Sea of ​​Azov. The Turkish Sultan also took part in the celebration of the founding of the Azov fleet – Peter wanted to promote diplomatic relations with Turkey.

The first real naval parade took place in Saint Petersburg in 1714 to celebrate Russia’s victory over Sweden at the Battle of Gangut. The victorious Russian ships – they had defeated a technically superior opponent – and the Swedish watercraft captured as trophies passed under the triumphal arch along the Neva.

In Soviet times, July 24 was a celebration of the Navy. Now, Russian Navy Day traditionally has no fixed date – it is celebrated on the last Sunday in July. For this year’s parade, night training was held in Saint Petersburg from July 19, and a dress rehearsal was held on July 28.

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