Sabotage? Kremlin on possible causes of damage to the Nord Stream pipelines

According to Moscow, nothing can be ruled out and it is possible that the pipelines were intentionally damaged. Seismic activity detected in Sweden appears to coincide with the timing of the explosions.

The Nord Stream pipelines could have been damaged by an act of sabotage, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked about the possible reasons for the sudden loss of pressure in three pipelines of the Baltic Sea gas network.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Peskow commented on a statement from Nord Stream AG, the operator of the network, saying that three offshore lines of the Nord Stream pipeline system suffered “unprecedented” damage in just one day.

“At the moment, no option can be ruled out,” said Peskow when asked whether the damage was due to sabotage. He added that Moscow is very concerned about the situation and called for an immediate and thorough investigation into the incident, which has implications for energy security across the “entire continent”.

Nord Stream 2 – The real reason for the US government's loathing


Nord Stream 2 – The real reason for the US government’s loathing

The pressure in line A of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was filled with gas but not yet commissioned, suddenly dropped during the night from Sunday to Monday. Shortly afterwards, on Monday afternoon, the two Nord Stream 1 pipelines also suffered a sharp drop in pressure.

The Swedish and Danish coastguards have since reported gas leaks off the coast of the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea – one in Sweden’s economic zone and one in the Danish zone – and closed the area to shipping.

According to a report by daily mirror on Tuesday, Berlin believes that the sudden pressure drop in three gas pipelines at the same time cannot be a coincidence and is likely a “targeted attack” from either Ukraine or Russia. The paper explained that a targeted attack on the pipelines can only be carried out with the help of special forces, navy divers or a submarine. Berlin believes that the sabotage was carried out either by “forces close to Ukraine” or by Russia itself under a “false flag” in order to make Ukraine look bad and push EU energy prices even higher.

Nord Stream 1 was completed in 2011. Construction work on Nord Stream 2 (NS2) began in 2018 and was delayed due to political pressure and US sanctions. NS2 was completed and pressurized in September 2021. However, two days before the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the German government has suspended certification indefinitely and categorically rejects any suggestion from Moscow – or from its own country – to release the pipeline.

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