Russia’s trade with Tunisia is growing by more than 50 percent


According to the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Tunisia Alexander Zolotov, the volume of trade between Tunis and Moscow has now reached $692 million. According to Solotow, Tunisian goods can easily replace those EU products that are missing due to the sanctions.

Trade turnover between Tunisia and Russia has increased by 63 percent in 2022 despite the sanctions imposed by Western allies on Moscow over the Ukraine conflict, Russian ambassador to Tunisia Alexander Yuryevich Zolotov said in an interview on Sunday RIA Novosti.

According to the diplomat, the volume of trade reached US$692 million in monetary terms and is expected to continue to grow as Tunisian goods, including food and textiles, are commercially viable and EU products that have exited the Russian market could easily replace.

The liberal-globalist elite of the West is destroying the way of life of Europeans - not Russia


The liberal-globalist elite of the West is destroying the way of life of Europeans – not Russia

“The volume of mutual trade has increased significantly in 2022, despite the known artificial obstacles,” Zolotov said, adding that the increase “is an obvious example of our ability to work together successfully in the current difficult circumstances in the world.”

He said the two countries plan to discuss ways to improve logistic services for import and export exchanges and expand scope of supply in the near future.

According to the envoy, Russia and Tunisia are also cooperating in the field of human spaceflight. Zolotov also expects the flow of Russian tourists to the country to gradually return to previous levels.

The ambassador said he hopes to deepen ties between the two countries and will take further steps in this direction at the second Russia-Africa Summit to be held in Saint Petersburg in July.

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