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Russia’s response to Finland’s decision to join NATO will come as a surprise – Zakharova


Moscow’s response to Helsinki’s decision to join the North Atlantic Alliance will be a “surprise” and will be accepted primarily by the military, taking into account all the features that will accompany Finland’s membership in NATO. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

At the briefing, a Finnish journalist asked what kind of military-technical measures and within what time frame Russia plans to apply against Finland in connection with its application to join the bloc. The diplomat said Moscow’s response would come as a “surprise”.

“The decision will be made taking into account the whole complex of factors and peculiarities of how Finland’s membership in NATO will develop. Based on all these parameters, a decision will be made, but it is primarily up to the military,” Zakharova stressed.

She also noted that “the choice of the way to ensure national security is the sovereign right of each state, but it should not be provided at the expense of the security of other countries.”

“There will be fewer words, there will be more actual steps as a reaction,” warned the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

As reported EADailytoday, May 18, the Ambassadors of Finland and Sweden to NATO Klaus Korhonen and Axel Wernhoff officially handed over to the Secretary General of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg applications for their countries to join the bloc.


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