Russians warned about the risk of being left without a pension

Economist Khrustaleva told under what conditions you can lose your pension

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Moving to another country may be the basis for the termination of the receipt of a pension. You can also lose payments if you do not come for them within six months, she said in an interview with senior vice-president of the investment company Fontvielle Anastasia Khrustaleva.

“In the pension legislation there are such concepts as suspension and termination of pension payments. As a general rule, the FSS suspends the payment if a pensioner does not receive it for six consecutive months, ”she said.

In addition, you can remain without payments if a citizen of the Russian Federation provides false information about the right to receive it and the termination of the legal grounds for its payment. The pensioner may be left without payment in case of moving outside Russia

For a disability pension, there is an additional condition under which he can be deprived of this payment. In the event that the disabled person has not passed the re-examination, upon termination of the grounds for granting a pension, ”explained Khrustaleva.

Honored Lawyer of Russia Ivan Solovyov earlier recalled that Russians who retired before January 1, 2015 can qualify for an allowance for paying for raising children.


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