Russians decided to buy groceries before a long weekend

Shoppers in a Supermarket - 1920, 10/22/2021

MOSCOW, October 22 – The Russians, in anticipation of the upcoming non-working days, decided to purchase food, electronics and clothing, according to a study of the payment service for online stores CloudPayments, prepared for
Analysts analyzed the average online purchases in various product categories on October 19-20 and compared them with the average online purchases in the corresponding previous period. This identified the industries that saw the biggest increase in the average online check against the backdrop of the announcement of non-working days and in anticipation of new restrictions.
“The strongest growth, by 31% to RUB 8,056, was the increase in the average amount of online purchases of food and related products. Which is quite logical: in a period of uncertainty and an increase in the incidence of diseases, people are trying to stock up on the essentials. sales of children’s clothing: the average amount of online purchases increased by 30% to 3,271 rubles, “the authors of the study calculated.
This growth, apparently, is associated both with the desire to make the necessary purchases in advance, and with the cold snap, forcing the update of the children’s wardrobe, analysts suggested. At the same time, the average amount of online purchases of clothing for adults also increased: by 17% to 8,546 rubles. “In general, the increase in the average amount of online purchases of clothes may indicate that during the period of restrictions and high incidence, many are trying to leave the city or resort cities, which forces people to buy the necessary items of clothing,” they say.
The third place in terms of growth in the average amount of online purchases was taken by sales of cosmetics, mainly due to the growth in sales of beauty products in the run-up to the cold season, as well as bulk purchases of sanitizers and disinfectants amid an increase in morbidity. Also, against the backdrop of new restrictions and the announcement of non-working days, the average amount of online purchases in such industries as travel packages and air tickets increased (an increase of 19% to 56,095 rubles), and the average purchase amount for online reservations of country hotels increased by 13%. People want to get away from lockdown and are actively planning leisure and travel.
“The news of new restrictions and long weekends expectedly prompted people to stock up on the essentials: groceries, clothing, care products and disinfectants, which confirms the growth in the average amount of online purchases in these industries. prefer to shop online, “says Dmitry Spiridonov, co-founder and CEO of CloudPayments.
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a decree on non-working days in the Russian Federation from October 30 to November 7 to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19. Russian regions may establish additional non-working days until October 30 and extend them after November 7.

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