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Russians advised to close certain bank accounts


Sometimes banks charge a fee for servicing unused bank accounts, so it is better to close them. Pyotr Gusyatnikov, Senior Managing Partner at PG Partners Law Firm, spoke about this.

AT conversation with the Prime agency, he noted that such information should be written in the contract on the basis of which the account was opened. According to the expert, if a mobile application is installed, the client can immediately detect the debt. In addition, do not forget that a certain bank account is linked to each plastic card.

“If you blocked and threw away the card as unnecessary, this does not mean at all that this account will be closed. There may also be a debt there,” — Gusyatnikov stressed.

The expert added that you can find out about your accounts and debts on the Gosuslug portal and in your personal account on the website of the Federal Tax Service.


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