Russian women expose Lerchek’s “Wheel of Fortune” and massively sell cosmetics of a blogger-billionaire

The Russians, who previously bought Letique cosmetics, resell it on Avito, as they suspected Lerchek, the owner of the brand, blogger Valeria Chekalina, of cheating, who stimulated sales with the Wheel of Fortune raffle.

Cosmetics were expensive, so Lerchek went for a trick. Customers were offered to buy creams, scrubs and shampoos at a discount and become participants in the Wheel of Fortune campaign. The biggest prizes were worth it – cars, apartments, smartphones. But in fact, video guides or body scrubs fell out in the wheel, and for some reason there were no winners who hit the jackpot. IN reviews on the platform, users share stories.

“Here Lerchik launched the wheel of fortune on her“ hyped product ”, of course, I think you need to please yourself, and even if it can be made more profitable even now. But the wheel is set up so that you will receive only one prize, no matter how much you spin. on the pages of some people who won “iPhone” it seems strange that the pages are not active”, — writes the buyer.

There were a lot of those who believed in the hoax. All of them bought Letique cosmetics, but remained with a nose. There are many complaints in the comments about the quality of the products, all the creams from Lerchek turned out to be ineffective and with a strange consistency.

“I ordered a scrub. It turned out to be with a terrible smell, with incomprehensible patches, it was lying in a jar in a piece. Production date is November 2021. I wrote to them, they sent me tactfully,” Another customer was outraged.

“My classmate spent 40 thousand on cosmetics! Her entire salary for the month and won eight video guides! Why is a scam, you ask? , and scrubs turned out to be no better than those that I buy in mass markets”, the woman shared.

Some participants in the raffle have now gone to court. And Letique cosmetics are exhibited in packs on Avitowho bought it for prizes are now trying to get rid of “miraculous” remedies. In Moscow alone, 652 ads are published upon request.


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