Russian woman who broke through from Poland to Belarus wanted to return home to Chechnya

A Russian woman who had previously broken through the border from Poland to Belarus with three children explained why she did so. In an interview with the TRK Brest TV channel, a woman confessedthat wanted to go home to Chechnya.

She said that for a long time she lived in Sweden with her husband and children: the Russian woman and her husband worked, and the guys went to school. But at some point, the man was detained, and the children were removed from the family and handed over to a guardian who forbade them to pray. They were able to return them only after litigation. In addition, the political situation regarding migrants changed in the country then, and then the family decided to return to their homeland.

“Sweden has already completely closed the case, in fact, we could return to Sweden with three children, but after all that we experienced there, I don’t want to return there,” the Russian woman confessed.

But moving to Chechnya turned out to be difficult: over the past year, the family lived in Poland, collecting the necessary documents for returning to Russia, but they could not leave the country. Appeals to human rights activists also did not give results – the family was not released without explanation. And then the Russian woman decided to take a desperate step – to cross the border on her own.

She also admitted that when she was at the border, at first she was frightened by the Belarusian border guards, but then “they were already in Russian” asked about her condition and offered help.

“I asked: “Belarusians? “Belarusians.” And I realized that everything is fine now,” the woman said.

At the moment, the Belarusian side is assisting the woman in restoring her documents so that she can easily get to Chechnya.


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