Russian volunteers helped Ukrainian prisoners to record a video for relatives


    Volunteers of the organization “Grandchildren” connected the captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with their relatives using video

    Russian members of the international public organization “Grandchildren”, which unites the descendants of soldiers from the countries that won the Second World War, helped the surrendered soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to record and transmit a video message for their relatives, and also transmitted their response in video format. About it RIA Novosti reported with reference to the press service of the organization.

    The agency published two videos on its Telegram channel. The first was recorded by the driver of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Boychuk. He surrendered in the area of ​​the city of Soledar, being surrounded by the Allied Forces.

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    He recorded a video addressing his wife. The military man said that he was treated well in captivity. Volunteers contacted Boychuk’s wife and asked her to write down a response message. In her story, the military’s wife stated that she had learned about the captivity from his colleagues and was now waiting for his speedy release.

    In the second video, another UAF fighter who laid down his arms, Igor Lemeshev, turned to his wife and brother. “They are treated normally. People are normal, clear,” he said. The wife, in response, said that she missed her very much.

    The Ukrainian military is increasingly choosing to voluntarily surrender rather than be taken to the front lines. Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter Dmitry Shatilov said earlier that he was sent to the war zone without preparation. He stressed that the commanders threatened to shoot him if he laid down his arms.

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