Russian troops are waiting for quick success in two directions at once

Security expert Nasonov predicted new successes of the Russian Armed Forces

The Russian Armed Forces have achieved new successes in the course of a special operation in Ukraine. The main ones “360” were commented on by security expert, combat veteran Roman Nasonov.

Russian troops are waiting for quick success in two directions at once

What follows is his direct speech.

The most important result over the past day is the success on the outskirts of Pesok. From here, all eight years, artillery strikes were actively carried out in Donetsk. The result of activity in this direction has been preventing the enemy from striking for several days. This is a great, including psychological, success.

Secondly, apparently, the air defense maneuver was carried out with high quality: not a single hit on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant was carried out, everything was shot down. One hundred percent effect of the use of air defense systems of the Russian Armed Forces.

About Artyomovsky and Avdeevsky directions

Here operational successes are planned. The elimination of more than 50% of the personnel of two relatively well-equipped combat-ready formations in one direction, of course, helps us to make a hole. They are trying to patch it up. But our artillery already has an understanding of the routes of advancement of the alleged reserves, we definitely have the ability to cut them off, and reconnaissance and search operations have already begun. Successes here are planned and will be developed in the near future.

About the situation in the Kharkov region

Our grouping, which is advancing, does not exceed the grouping, which is well entrenched and located at this frontier: it is comparable in number. But we excel in skill, perseverance, a complex of qualities. We understand that we need a victory, and we are ready to sacrifice a lot.

As for the capture of Kharkov, it is very difficult to take a settlement of several million. But for the time being, we will be able to pincer him, surround him, squeeze out the bandit formations from Kharkov and liberate the city.

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