Russian tourists named the countries where the Mir card is accepted


    Director of Tourist Assistance Osaulenko named the countries where the Mir card is accepted

    Russian tourists traveling to Turkey with a bank card using the domestic Mir payment system do not have to worry about problems with cash withdrawals. This was announced to 360 by the director of the Association “Association of tour operators in the field of outbound tourism” Turpomoshch “” Alexander Osaulenko.

    “Today, during the last month, for sure, in Turkey, Mir cards are accepted by five banks. There, the only thing is that the commission is different, but there are no problems, this has been verified by tens of thousands of tourists, ”he said.

    In addition, in many countries, in particular in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, where Russian tourists go en masse, you can exchange rubles. Despite sometimes high exchange rates, it is still possible to exchange domestic currency if desired.

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    The situation with Europe is more complicated, but people find a solution to the problem in private, Osaulenko noted.

    According to him, today there are not so many logistical opportunities for tourists, but basically you can travel with rubles to the countries of the post-Soviet space, where Russian currency is accepted everywhere, as well as cards of the Mir payment system.

    “In many countries you can find banks where you can change the Russian currency. As for the Mir card, a large number of countries have already announced that work is underway to ensure that the card is accepted en masse, not by one or two banks,” he continued.

    For example, this list includes Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand. These are the countries that in the short term, by autumn, will solve the problem of accepting the Mir card.

    Osaulenko advised tourists who purchase a ticket in travel agencies to pay for all their services as much as possible while in Russia. That is, to book meals and excursions from Russia in advance, so that only small souvenirs need to be bought abroad.

    Also, when traveling to another country, it is better to focus immediately on the exchange of local currency, so as not to lose part of the funds on additional conversion from the dollar.

    Earlier, the Russian payment system “Mir” was recognized in Cuba, and Bahrain and Thailand are also working in this direction.

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