Russian soldiers released from Ukrainian captivity sang the Russian anthem in chorus

Russian servicemen, who were released from Ukrainian captivity the day before, immediately after their release sang the national anthem of the Russian Federation.

The corresponding video material was published on its official resources on the evening of November 24 by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The released servicemen themselves, who returned to their homeland, shared their joyful emotions and talked about what they experienced in Ukrainian captivity.

According to one of the soldiers, somewhere they were treated “normally and humanly, but somewhere downright awful.” The serviceman said that they were forced to learn Ukrainian songs and kept outside in cold weather.

Other fighters confirmed that Ukrainian nationalists constantly kept prisoners in the cold, and also denied them medical care.

“The servicemen noted that they were happy to be back in their homeland, and thanked everyone who took part in the exchange,” the defense department said.

Recall that the first who spoke about the next upcoming exchange of prisoners with the Ukrainian side according to the formula “50 to 50” was the acting deputy of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin.

As reported EADailylater the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed information about the next exchange of prisoners, as a result of which 50 of our military were released.

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