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Russian Railways introduced its own VR simulator for employee training


The engineering staff of Russian Railways is preparing to undergo training on its own VR simulator. It helps employees improve their skills without interrupting current tasks. Moreover, such a tool reduces trauma. The simulator simulates all possible emergency situations. This allows you to bring to automaticity the observance of safety regulations by personnel.

With the help of a VR simulator and virtual assistant Valera, the company’s employees will learn how to work with communication devices at the station and how to work safely on the railway. The simulator shows a fragment of the Sochi railway station, which was digitized using 3D scanning technology.

In addition to the VR simulator, the company also presented a mobile workplace that controls the maintenance and repair of telecommunications facilities. The tablet, application and operating system “Aurora” are completely domestic developments. Now there are 3.5 thousand such jobs, and in the future their number will be increased to 100 thousand.

The digital platform of the Museum of Russian Railways has also been created. Using the application, it allows you to quickly build a route to the desired exhibit, listen to a tour and read archival documents. The “Out of the Museum” mode is available – a digitized exhibition exposition in 360 format, an audio guide and augmented reality with a projection of the exhibits on a plane.

The company’s work on import substitution was highly appreciated by Mikhail Mishustin. The Prime Minister urged to actively continue it. He stressed that all the technologies necessary for production can be found in Russia. In order to promote domestic solutions, it is necessary to organize specialized stores, exhibitions and conferences.

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