Russian Prime Minister: attempts to turn Russia off from the world economy have failed

Mishustin: attempts to turn Russia off from the economic space have failed

Attempts to turn Russia off from the world economic space through sanctions have failed. This was announced on March 23 by the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“We continued to strengthen cooperation with friendly countries. With those who share our views and values”– said the head of government.

Russia and Belarus, as Mishustin said, speaking today in the State Duma, under the pressure of sanctions, were able to prevent the occurrence of a shortage of equipment and food. Russia, within the framework of the Union State and in the format of the “five” of the EAEU, has taken measures aimed at increasing the stability of the economies.

“We have taken joint anti-crisis measures”the prime minister said.

As reported IA REGNUM, earlier Mikhail Mishustin bluntly stated that a sanctions strike had been struck against Russia, which had not been equal in strength in recent history. Under these conditions, the government had to respond almost every day to the challenges associated with anti-Russian sanctions. The Cabinet worked head-to-head on countermeasures to protect people while laying the groundwork for economic growth and achieving national benchmarks.


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