Russian Orthodox Church warned of the upcoming “sterilization” of children in Ukraine

Russian Orthodox Church: forces behind the Ukrainian conflict will enforce gender reassignment and mutilate children

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Vakhtang Kipshidze, Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department of the Russian Orthodox Church for Relations between the Church, Society and the Media, commented on the plans of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine to introduce gender ideology into educational programs for kindergartens and schools. In his opinion, which he expressed in the program “The Church and Us” on the Russia 24 TV channel, the forces behind the conflict between Ukraine and Russia will instill anti-Christian values ​​in the country.

We are talking about an agreement between the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and the American fund The Arcus Foundation, “which is engaged in supporting LGBT people and preserving monkeys”, to introduce “gender-sensitive” teaching methods into the program of preschool, school and higher education. The goal is to create an educational space without “gender stereotypes and discrimination.” The project is designed until 2025, 500 kindergartens and 500 secondary schools are participating in it.

The Foundation will provide “play sets”, educational and methodological literature and educational and visual materials free of charge. It is ready to provide all first grades of schools on the territory of Ukraine with “relevant gender literature” in 2023-2025. In the future, the implementation of this program should reach a national scale.

According to Kipshidze, in many Western countries, children at the age of five or eight are offered to change their sex, they are prescribed hormones that suppress sexual development, which in essence is “sterilization of children at an unconscious age.”

“This is a natural result of the plan (which is being implemented in Ukraine. – Ed.) – the crippled lives of thousands of children,” the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church concluded.

Earlier, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, proposed life imprisonment for doctors who agreed to perform sex reassignment surgery on minors.


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