Alexander Losev, General Director of Sputnik Capital Management, told the Prime agency what is the best way to deal with non-cash currency at the present time.

Dollars in the form of cash are now a sought-after financial instrument. If the US currency is available on the accounts, then it is better to convert it into rubles and place it at high rates in order to capitalize on the difference in discount rates, the interlocutor of the publication is convinced.

“In fact, the economic war of the West brought us back to the “currency 90s”, when we lived without bank cards and accounts, but with cash dollars and numerous exchangers,” — tells Losev.

Having received percentage arbitrage as a result of the difference in rates after conversion, you can return to the required currency, the financier reminds.

“A serious vulnerability has been discovered in the world economic system built over the years: stopping the “printing press” and raising Fed rates, breaking global commodity chains due to anti-Russian sanctions, destabilizing the energy market and other accumulated vulnerabilities will lead to a powerful economic crisis, which has not happened since the Great depression,” the economist also warns.

According to Losev, US dollars will not disappear immediately, but this currency will not forever lead among other fiats. Seeing the large-scale sanctions pressure on Russia, many countries are already thinking about dependence on the dollar and the need to move away from it.



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