Russian Foreign Ministry: The West organized a leak on the explosions at Nord Stream in order to evade the investigation

“Western regimes” should respond to official requests from the Russian authorities regarding the Nord Stream explosions, and not allow information about what happened to the media to leak, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. This is how she commented on the appearance of several materials about “flows” in major Western publications.

She also recommended that publicist Seymour Hersh’s materials be “taken into consideration”. They set out a version of what happened, coinciding with the position of the Russian authorities.

“I wonder who allows such leaks, filling the information space with them? Answer: those who do not want to conduct an investigation in the legal field and are going to divert the attention of the audience from the facts in every possible way, ”wrote Maria Zakharova in her Telegram channel.

Today, the German Die Zeit and the American The New York Times published materials about explosions on pipelines with links to their sources. The NYT article reports that an unnamed “pro-Ukrainian group” is probably behind the explosions on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. Die Zeit sources said that, according to German investigators, the vessel from which the pipelines were blown up was rented by a company owned by Ukrainian citizens.

Read more about the accidents at Nord Stream in the Kommersant selection.


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