Russian Foreign Ministry promised to respond to the EU on visa discrimination against Russian citizens

Russia will respond to unfriendly countries for their visa restrictions on Russian citizens, the deputy head of the information and press department of the Russian Foreign Ministry told reporters on August 18 Ivan Nechaev.

“These steps will not go unanswered by the Russian side, and you will soon learn about them.”

Ivan Nechaev

This is how the Russian diplomat commented on the attempts of a number of European countries to stop or restrict the issuance of visas to Russian citizens of all categories, as well as the idea to cancel the validity of existing long-term residence permits.

He called this policy pure Russophobia, xenophobia and neo-Nazism.

“We cannot rule out the full-scale adoption of such discriminatory decisions both at the EU level and by individual states, even in the absence of a pan-European consensus”– said the diplomat.

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